Thursday, February 11, 2010


How does one capture the beauty of falling snowflakes?

If you set the shutter-speed too fast the snowflakes become wierd speks; if you set it too slow they come out as white lines lashing across theframe. During daytime its too bright for a large aperture and at night, just the opposite!

I've been scouring the net for is a suggestion from that made some sense -

One way to do it is to use a long lens so there is more falling snow between you and the background (preferably a dark forest, rock face etc). At something like 200 to 400mm and f/5.6, focus slightly in front of the background. A relatively fast shutter speed to freeze the snowflakes. The softly OOF background and snowflakes away from the plane of focus set the mood. Include a deer as a foreground interest and you`re set :D

But what is an OOF background?



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