Saturday, April 07, 2012


Which is this mosquito that landed on my CD after a happy-meal?

Over the past two weeks there has been a spike in the mosquito population in NCR Delhi. As soon as winter gave way to the warmth of spring there seems to a lot more life in the open drains and exposed water-tanks. Since vector control in general and mosquito control particular requires a concerted action in any neighborhood, perhaps this is a good indicator of how a community functions.

In our New Delhi suburb the response of residents follows an interesting pattern. We turn on their electronic insect repellents all day, step over exposed drains and pools of stagnant water, refuse to clean our water-coolers and then complain that the local government is doing nothing to help.

We, of course, know all there is to know about health hazards but, somehow, it seems to unseemly, so 'undignified' to roll up our sleeves, to clean up the water-coolers or to step outdoors to clean the drains - especially when you have the luxury of complaining that the others are not doing what they are supposed to do!

Coming back to the happy-meal mosquito, its a culex. This species is particularly active at dusk and is a carrier for filaria and encephalitis.



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