Sunday, June 17, 2007

Infosys – 25th Annual Report


“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood”

- Daniel Hudson Burnham, Visionary Architect

A few 'major lessons' learnt by N Murthy:

Aspiration is the main fuel for progress. Aspirations transform a set of ordinary individuals into extraordinary achievers. They provide the mental and physical energy for people to convert plausible impossibilities into convincing possibilities.

An enduring value system based on openness, honesty, integrity, fairness, transparency and excellence, helps raise our confidence and the confidence of customers in the company. It gives courage to handle tough situations with confidence, and sacrifices become easy and natural.

Our experience has demonstrated that respect and dignity, challenging work and a promising career growth path are more important motivators than just money. People want to part of a defining moment that transforms the society and the world. Emotional energy is an invaluable asset for a corporation.

Performance leads to recognition. Recognition brings respect. Respect enhances power. Humility and grace in one’s moments of power enhances the dignity of an organization.

Leadership by example is, perhaps, the most essential instrument to encourage youngsters o demonstrate commitment and dedication towards any cause. Role models are powerful catalysts in raising the confidence, enthusiasm and energy of an entire generation.

An environment of openness, meritocracy, speed, imagination and excellence in execution are the five context-invariant and time-invariant attributes for the success of a corporation.

Progress is possible only if we measure improvements in every dimension of our operations and take timely corrective action.

Openness to new ideas encourages the youth; shunning biases and using data in every decision; and learning and adopting good practices from other cultures help a company become more confident and effective.

Global benchmarking has helped us emulate the best companies in the world in specific attributes, and in some cases, improve upon them to serve our customers better.

Staying relevant in a changing market and creating greater impact on customers are the only means of strengthening our relationship with clients. Innovation is an important instrument for this. Proactively obsoleting our own innovations by widely disseminating them creates good incentives for employees to continue innovation.

Following the best practices of corporate governance attracts the best investors. Investors understand that every corporation will go through lean days. Bringing bad news to investors early and proactively enhances their trust in us.

It is better to focus on growing the wealth pie of every one of us rather than focusing on how to preserve it for a few.

Profit is just an opinion. Real wealth is cash in the bank. Cutting our coat according to the cloth is the surest way to be financially strong.

Ships are safest in the harbor, but they are not meant to be there. They have to sail long and hard and face stormy seas to reach the comfort of a desirable destination. Hence, progress requires us to take calculated risks and make bold moves.

Corporations must reach out to the society if they want longevity. It is important to build a fund of goodwill among the people.


Voltaire’s much –celebrated statement:

I disapprove with what you say, but I will defend till death your right to say it.


You Raise Me Up --- Russel Watson

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up….To more than I can be.

There is no life – no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up….To more than I can be.

You raise me up ...To more than I can be.