Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..

Gems from a great interview with Salim Ismael, Founder, Singularity University:

> M-Pesa is now 50% of Kenyan GDP!

> A drones company, Matternet, that delivers packages by air. They can’t operate in the US, so they went to Ghana and did a lot of their product testing there, and in April they signed a deal with the Swiss postal service to deliver mail in Switzerland.

> Electric car company, Tesla, added a new "crawl forward" functionality by just tweaking the software overnight!

> Big companies have an awfully difficult time doing disruptive innovation. Mostly they are acquiring new startups that are being innovative, then absorbing them and selling them on.

> Solar energy today is doubling in its price/performance every 22 to 30 months... this has huge implications for poor countries in the tropics..

> If you’re the legacy business, how do you compete with startups entering your space that have no marginal cost of supply? Uber, Airbnb, Waze, have figured out how to drop the cost of supply exponentially.

> In the future we think being a small, adaptive country will be much more beneficial. Every big country today is in crisis, whereas being a small, nimble, practical country is a huge benefit



Salim Ismael interview -- 

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