Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015 - Interesting Links

* A bank thanks its customers -

* Aurangazeb Road - name change -
- Another view -
* Changing of road-names - Aurangazeb > Abdul Kalam -

* Oliver Sachs - Obituary -

*The Bank of Japan is China's biggest cheerleader --

* A false alarm on the crisis in China -

* Aakar Patel - on Shashi Tharoor's speech -

* Power of the Pause -

* Comparing mobiles - Lenovo K3, Yu Yureka Plus, etc -

* How to get feedback when you are the boss -

* WW1 and the beginning of modern psychiatry -

* War Embers continue to simmer -

* Best public libraries of India -

* Beautiful stitches -

* Capella - Hotel California -

* Japan's soft power -

* Chinese Tremors -

* The Indian economy has much to crow about -

* Corn Wars -
- Chinese company officials caught stealing corn seeds from USA - Beijing Kings Nower Seed Science & Technology, a large Chinese agricultural company that develops corn, rice, cotton, and canola seeds
- GM seeds' genetic sequencing was matched to seeds under development by Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, and LG Seeds, which, including LG’s parent company, Groupe Limagrain, comprise three of the four largest seed companies in the world.
- China simply can’t grow enough food to feed itself, particularly now that the country’s burgeoning middle class has acquired an appetite for meat.
- Chinese govt buys between two and five million metric tons of American corn annually, approximately 94 percent of all corn imported into China each year.
- Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, the two American seed giants, have produced so many successful hybrids that they now control 45 percent of all the seed sold in the world.
- Charges approved by a federal judge under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)
- FISA investigations into Dongfan Chung, a former Boeing engineer who stole trade secrets related to the Delta IV rocket and the Air Force’s C-17 aircraft, or Qing Li, who conspired to procure 30 military accelerometers, which, according to the government, “have applications in smart bombs, missiles, and calibrating g-forces of nuclear explosions.”
- Multinational food conglomerates like DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto have sizable security forces and highly efficient investigatory networks.
- In 1970, in an effort to come up with an even stronger plant killer (than Agent Orange), Monsanto chemist John E. Franz hit upon an herbicide called glyphosate, which was marketed under the trade name Roundup and had seen unmatched growth in broadleaf weed control in the agricultural industry.
- in the wastewater-treatment plant of one of their own glyphosate production plants in Louisiana, where workers had noticed a range of bacteria thriving despite exposure to Roundup—and one, under lab testing, displayed total immunity to glyphosate pesticides.
- Since the 1960s, endotoxins produced by Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), a common bacteria found in the soil, had been sold as a commercial microbial insecticide to kill moth larvae.

* The Next GMO Debate -

* Hiroshima -

Happiness -

A tale of two speeches -

Affordable children's books - Pratham -

WW2 - Why Indians fought for a Britain they abhorred --

Every business needs an enemy -

Wendy Doniger on Kamasutra -

How symmetry shapes nature's laws --

The unholy end of empoire

Sun shines on India's solar ambitions -

Darlymple - How I write -

Modern Kamasutra -

Four ingredients of influence -

Career switch - law to photography -

About doing only the things you are curious about --

Chinese hackers may have turned their sights on India --
- The cyber group sent targeted spear-phishing e-mails to its intended victims with Microsoft Word attachments containing information on regional diplomatic issues,
The attachments contained a script called WATERMAIN that, if opened, could infect the user’s computer, creating a “backdoor” that would allow the attacker access.

Statins --

Bhuira Jams, Himachal Pradesh -

Sitting on a Marine Superhighway -

Movies to watch --

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The truth about OROP --

Indian pharma firms in the big league -

Grit - Five Characteristics -

How to say no to you boss -

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Maggi's mistakes -

NYT - Inside Amazon -
Amazon as an employer -

What makes #Indian bureaucrats at the top 'less competent and more insecure' to lateral entries today? -- #IAS

Shaji Vikraman -

Personal money manager - MoneyView -

India's forgotten soldiers -
Mapping the way India has been viewed over the ages -

Song - phenomenal woman -

How engineers think -

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