Saturday, February 21, 2015

Swiss Dance

Wish I could understand modern dance.

The title of the performance we attended today was - "Re-mapping the Body - hear the movement / see the music", presented by Compagnie Linga, Switzerland, at the FICCI Auditorium. The work was supposed to make use of the 'dominant role of science and technology as adjuncts to the human body'.

The stage setting was quite dramatic. Placed on at centre of were half-a-dozen devices that looked liked pagers with their LEDs blinking. The show started in a rather un-Swiss way -- 15 minutes late -- with sound effects that seemed almost completely out of sync with the movements on stage.

At first we got the impression that the LED devices were movement sensors linked to sound system. This impressed gathered weight when the dancers were seen adjusting the settings carefully from time to time. The ticket had also claimed that the music was to be created entirely by the movements of the dancers. However the sounds seem to emanate from another altogether disjointed universe...

The dancers themselves were superb - each of them was amazingly lithe and agile. Despite the scratchy sound system and the squeaking chairs of FICCI auditorium, they managed to leave a lasting impression.


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