Sunday, October 30, 2011

Formula-1 in the Fields of Dankaur

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The race is over. Vettel won.

Mayavati, representing the 'head of state', has handed over the gleaming trophies while the ministers of the central government have been acting like petulant children, claiming that they were not invited and threatening tax raids at the same time. Given their handling of the Commonwealth Games, its a small mercy that they were not directly involved!

The English newspapers and TV channels have been going on and on about the success of India' first Formula 1 Series. There are breathless descriptions of the assorted celebrities studding the stands; of the roar of engines and incredible speeds.

However, but I have been looking for the more mundane details :
  • First of all, who conceived the plan for transforming a sleepy Delhi suburb into a world-class F1 circuit facility?
  • Why is it that Mayavati's Uttar Pradesh succeeded while the big boys of Mumbai and Bangalore threw in the towel and fell by the wayside?
  • How did the Jaypee Group engage the best international expertise to design and implement a project of this scale?
Some information that has emerged -

Project cost: Jaypee spent $200m for the construction and paid another $200 as license fees to F1
Key Player: Vickey Chandok, President, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI)
I am yet to come across a story that ties all these loose threads. The search continues...


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Wikimap of Dankaur, Noida

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