Thursday, January 07, 2010

Getting Used to Canon PowerShot G11

Amazon has delivered the G11 a lot faster than I expected!

I had placed the order on 5 Jan., and the confirmation email from Amazon had said that delivery would take place on 7 Jan. However, I received a call from Sanawa Couriers at 11:00AM on 6 Jan. itself and I soon found myself looking at a neat little case strapped to the bottom of an oversize carton.

This boxy, black camera with retro dials reminded me of my first camera - a Kodak-Kroma film camera gifted by B'man in 1993. The G11 was, of course, a lot heavier (360g) than either the Kroma or IXUS-80, and had a much more chunky, solid feel to it.

The User Manual in the box was only in Japanese, but thankfully, the whole thing can be downloaded from Canon-USA at -
Now, I'm checking out the Guide and brushing up on the basics of manual control from, BestPhotoLessons, TheTechLounge, and an Apple (!) site - Aperture- Digital Photography Fundamentals.

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