Sunday, July 12, 2009

English Words in Conversational Malayalam

This is related to a previous post `Malayalam Words of Foreign Origin`.

Over here I'm just trying to list Mallu-English words, without which it would be nearly impossible to follow a conversation (or movie dialogues), in Kerala today -

* "Felt" - used to describe the impact of a perceived slight. Eg. അവന്‍ ഒത്തിരി ഫെല്റ്റ് അടിച്ചു! - Avan otthiri "felt" adicchu - (He felt really bad..)

* "Sugar" - Used as an adjective, a substitute for the word "Diabetic". Eg. ചായക്ക് മതിരം വേണ്ട...അവനു  ഷുഗര്‍ ആ...- Chaayakku mathiram venda - avanu sugar'aa - (Don't sweeten his tea - he's diabetic)

* "Get-up" - to describe aesthetics of a building / home. Eg. പെയിന്റിംഗ് കഴിജപ്പം വീടിനു നല്ല ഗെട്ടുപു ആ.. - Painting kazhinjappam veedinu nalla gettupp'aai -  (The house looks chic after it got painted)

* `Over` - anything excessive, especially when a person is too confident/smart/arrogant/drunk/indulgent; pronounced `wouver`. Eg. അവന്‍ കൊറച്ചു ഓവര്‍ ആഇടുന്ദെ - Avan koracchu wouver aaitunde -  (for somebody who may have exceeded his brief)

* `Shine` -  reserved for disparaging somebody who is trying to stand out from the crowd; or trying to get fresh. Eg. കൂടുതല്‍ ഷൈന്‍ ചെയ്യല്ലേ! - Kooduthal shine cheiyelle!  - (don`t act too smart!)

Suggestions & contributions are most welcome!     8-)
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