Sunday, September 22, 2013

PDCA Motors

Until today I knew of only one version of PDCA - the iterative, management method of plan-do-check-adjust cycles for continuous process improvements popularized by Deming.

A search of something more mundane - kitchen chimney's - brought me to another PDCA. These were
Pressure Die Cast Aluminum motors that apparently make the kitchen equipment a lot less noisier than their normal metal bodied cousins.

Why so?

Unlike the traditional machining method of producing motor shells, in the PDCA process, molten aluminum alloy is injected at high speed and pressure into molds. The components that emerge from the mold dies is apparently a lot more precise in terms of dimensions, strength and surface finish.

The growing popularity of this technology can be attested by the fact that even Government of India's MSME Training Institute is promoting this as a high investment, high return business proposition.

But still, how does this make the motor more efficient in terms of noise output?



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