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May 2013 -- Interesting Links

* The Silent Killers of Start-up Growth ---

* Philip, Saju (2013): Two Kerala officers script satire on 'true nature' of a Malayali, Indian Express, 30May13 --
- "Aa Ku Pu Complex" - asooya, kshumbu, puccham
- N Prasanth (IAS, 2007) and K. Ambady (IIS, 2002)

* Madhavan, VS (2013): Too Many Malayalams, IE 30May13 -
- Thunchath Ezhuthacchan (c1495-1575) - Adhyatma Ramayanam - popularised current Mal script - Portuguese had already started making forts on the Malabar coast
- Sheik Sainuddin - wrote Mal in Arabic script
- Chinna Thampi Annavi - great librettist - chavittunatakam - used Tamil with a sprinkling of Aramaic and Latin

* 29May13 - 60th Anniv of Mt. Everest Conquest - Photographs

* Everest Climbers --

* FB wedding pics Photographs -

* Nagarajan, Rema (2013): Authorities Unlawfully Approve Drugs Go Scot Free --

* Twitter Policy -

* Sur, Dipika (2013): -- Rotavirus vaccine can save children from death and stunting, The Hindu, 23May13 --
- India IMR - 61 per thousand - one of the highest
- In 2010, experts estimated that almost 17 lakh children less than five years old died in India. In India, Morris et al showed that 18% deaths occurring in young children are due to diarrhoeal diseases.
- new findings from the Global Enteric Multicenter Study (GEMS) -- Rotavirus was the leading cause
- India has already developed an indigenous rotavirus vaccine - 116E -  Bharat Biotech+DBT PPP

* The Apalya Story --
- We began working on a solution that would work on low speed networks so the variable network speeds and flaky signals didn’t affect our product as such. In fact, I think this is only going to grow. There are already 25 million mobile users on 3G. This number will only grow.

* Tokyo Metro manner posters confuse and delight foreign passengers -

* 6000 Mile Long Panoramic Photograph --

CNN-Fortune (2013): Dirty Medicine --

NG (2013): The Gabon Viper Has Ultra-Black Scales So You Can’t See It:

50 perfectly timed photographs -

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows --

Seeroi, Ken (2013): Why you shouldn't learn Japanese, Japan Today, 13May13 -- url --

WSJ (8May) - Cheap Food Plan Could Cost India Dearly -
- government has estimated that it will need to budget 1.2 trillion rupees (a little over $22 billion) each year
- CACP believes that the cost of India’s food program would balloon to 6.82 trillion rupees (nearly $126 billion) over the first three years that the new commitments are implemented. That would mean the government would need to budget 2.27 trillion rupees (about $42 billion) for food subsidies each year
-  Center for Budget & Governance Accountability, a public advocacy group, also has estimated the program would cost the government as much as 2.38 trillion rupees annually

Articles by Wg.Cdr. Bewoor -

Memoto's Wearable Camera (Economist, 7May13) -
- Germany: People living there have been allowed to opt out of Google Street View since April 2009 (though in practice this has been exercised relatively seldom: in the 20 biggest German cities, around 3% of households have opted out).

Beethoven - 9th Symphony - complete -

Raghavan, Srinath (2013): Borderline Personality Disorder, Asian Age, 3May13 --

The Illusion of Insured Bank Deposits - Infographic -

Limits of Evidence Based Policy-Making -
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