Sunday, July 01, 2012

June 2012: Links of the Month

Pittie, Aasheesh (2012): Indian Courser - My Kind of Birding, Blog post 21Jun12 -

Pal, Anuvab (2012): An Ode to Arnab Goswami, News Laundry 22Jun12, URL -

Shoji Kaori (2012): The Truth About Japanese Love - We just Don't get along, The Japan Times, 18Jun12, URL -

Obituary - Andrew Huxley, Neurophysiologist, The Economist, 16Jun12, URL -
- solved one of the most important biological mysteries of all—how nerve cells work, and thus, at bottom, how brains do

Dujarric, robert (2012): Japan's younger generation shuns the world stage, The Japan Times, 14June12, URL -

An American in Delhi - Jeanne Heydecker -

Trees in the Ramayana:
- Lodhra: Simplocos racemosa - URLs -
- Padmaka: Himalayan Wild Cherry (Prunus cerasoides  D.Don.) - URL -
- Deodar: Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus deodara) - URL -

Chinmaya R. Gharekhan (2012): India is not a global power, The Hindu 9Jun12, URL -

Amir Khusro -

Rowana, Jenny (2012): The 'dirt' in The Dirty Picture: Caste, Gender and Silk Smitha, Round Table India, 17Jun12, URL -

Vishwanathan, Vidya (2012): IN PRAISE OF PERFORMANCE, The Hindu Businessline, 11 Jun 12, URL -
- Eagle flasks & longevity

* Joseph, Manu 92012): WHY ARE THE SUITS CRYING? The Open magazine 16Jun12, URL -
- Daniel Nocera - Artificial Leaf Project

* Gulati, Ashok and Jyoti Gujral (2011): Food Security Bill: Can we afford Rs 6 lakh cr food subsidy in 3 years?, ET 11Dec11, URL -

Sharma, Mihir, S (2012): Austerity abuse: Government is not supposed to be poor, it is supposed to work for those of us who are, BS 9Jun12,

Rajan, Raghuram (2012): What Happened to India?, 8Jun12, URL -

Tharoor, Sashi (2012): The Indian Miracle Lives, 11Jun12, URL -

Das, Alokparna (2012): The Depths of History, IE 10Jun12, URL -

Chellany, Brahma (2012): The Resistable Rise of China, URL -

Bajaj, Vikas (2012): As Grain Piles Up, India’s Poor Still Go Hungry, NYT 7 June 2012,

The Best Job in the World - P&G Advt -

Worst Place to be a Woman (Foreign Policy) -

NHK Online -
Japanese girls in Gurgaon -

Smith (2012): Philosophy’s Western Bias, NYT 3June2012 -

BBC: What the Ancients Did for Us - The Indians: What The Ancient Indians Did For The World -

(Viji in FB 3Jun12)

(Sherzod FB, 3JUn12)
* Economist- Schumpeter: In praise of misfits
-Why business needs people with Asperger’s syndrome, attention-deficit disorder and dyslexia (Economist)


Jeanne Heydecker said...

Thanks for the link to my site. Have we met? Are you in Delhi?

Dinakarr said...

Hi Jeanne,
You're welcome! :)
Yes, I'm in Delhi. No, we haven't met.