Friday, August 12, 2011

"Privately Smart, Publicly Stupid"

Prof. V. Ramanathan tries Game Theory to explain the propensity of Indians towards obnoxious behavior.

TED, Bangalore (March 2010)

Twelve severe aspects of "Indian-ness":

1. Low trustworthiness
2. Privately smart, publicly dumb
3. Fatalistic outlook - "what can I alone do?"...and the converse, "everybody is doing it, why shouldn't I?"
4. Too intelligent for our own good
5. Abysmal sense of public hygiene
6. Lack of self-regulation and a sense of fairness
7. Reluctance to penalize wrong conduct in others
8. Mistake talk for action
9. Deep rooted corruption and a flair for free-riding
10. Inability to implement or follow systems ("we will create systems but fail to implement it for any length of time")
11. Our sense of self-worth is massaged only if we have the authority to break rules
12. Propensity to look for loopholes


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