Friday, July 01, 2011

'Soft Arrogance'

This is a new one - 'soft arrogance'. I came across this phrase for the first time in an interview given by Subroto Bagchi, founder and VC of Mindtree, and author of the book "Go Kiss The World".

According to Bagchi, “India is respected for two things. The IT industry told the world that Indians are smart, intelligent people. Two, the day India exploded a nuclear device, people in the world changed their perception. India right now has what I call soft arrogance. Arrogance is bad, but soft arrogance is important, but it cannot be on a weak plinth.”

What is “soft arrogance”?

“Soft arrogance is when you are expertise-led, when you have self-confidence, the belief that you have value — real value — to offer… no shortcuts, no workarounds. It comes when you believe in a cause, when you know that you can stand your ground.”

This makes sense. If the phrase "soft arrogance' had come from anybody other than Bagchi, it would have been dubbed as an oxymoron!


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