Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tsukuba Summer Bugs

The missing ids are finally here! - many thanks to Shaku (Univ. of Georgia)

The wasp is an ichneumonid, very common family that includes a lot of parasitic wasps that parasitize other insects and are therefore very important in biological control of insect pests.  The sub-family may be Banchinae 

 This is a bug (Hemiptera).  I'm pretty sure this is the kudzu bug.  It was recently discovered here in Georgia and is the current sensation.

Longhorned beetle or Longicorn beetle.  I think it is Batocera lineolata or White-striped Longhorn Beetle = shirosuji-kamikiri ( Can also be yellow striped  Batocera is a genus of Cerambycid beetles that are pests on several tree crops. Batocera rufomaculata is the mango stem borer common in India.  Also refer for info on Longicorn beetles in general.

Immature Hemipterans of Fulgoridae or Membracidae. (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha).

 That looks like a sphingid caterpillar, but I cant identify it from the picture.  The anal horn is what identifies it.

Snout Moth. .  Looks like Euthrix sp.  

Again immature Hemipterans of Fulgoridae or Membracidae. (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha).

 A kind of zipper spider.  Argiope species.  You can see the start of the zipper pattern on its web.  Species may be could be a subspecies of that.

 Looks like a slug caterpillar, but not sure...

Moth Fly.

Green Slant-faced Grasshopper.  Genus is most probably Acrida.. These may be mistaken for green katydids which are long horned grasshoppers because they are so slender, but they are actually short horned.

Asian Longhorned Beetle - Another current sensation in the US. 

A Hymenopteran .  The most I can say from this picture is Suborder Apocrita.

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